ClearColi: Eliminate Endotoxins at the Source! LPS Free E. coli Protein Production

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The Technology

ClearColi competent cells are a genetically modified E.coli strain that disables the offending endotoxin signal that is normally part of the lipopolysaccharide while still retaining competency and protein expression capability.Learn More

Where to Purchase

RCT has partnered with Lucigen to commercialize the ClearColi technology.  Find out more about ClearColi Kits and strains available from Lucigen for virtually endotoxin-free protein and DNA production.Learn More

License Options

Lucigen has a license from RCT to sell ClearColi kits for non-commercial research purposes only. A separate license is required for any commercial use. Licenses are available from RCT. Learn more about licensing optionsLearn More